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Countering Islamophobia


What we do...

IEC provides professional development training for educators who need direction and resources to handle Islamophobia at schools.  A common challenge that educators face is where to fit this material in classroom instruction and ensure that it meets the standards of each respective school system.  


Our aim is to work with educators to develop lesson plans which support their work and share these with others, creating a network to support educators. Our organization also aims to become a hub of already-established work from legitimate organizations and educational institutions to counter Islamophobia in school.  


Our media collaboration section allows specialists to submit pictures, video clips for educators to use in their classrooms.  These broad collaborative approaches allow everyone to get involved in putting a stop to Islamophobia in school and society.

Join IEC - access our toolkits and resources, become a contributor or an advisor, and join our active forum discussions today!

What we do

If you are teacher, educator, or media specialist and would like to upload lesson plans, pictures, or other resources, join the tribe and become an IEC Contributor!


Training & 

Our workshops and trainings have the option of being offered online or in-person, and they are carefully designed to include the best pedagogical practices of providing group engagement and provoking critical thinking skills.

Forums & Discussions

Create an account with us to be part of the forum and discussions on commonly asked questions, finding solutions to Islamophobia in the classroom, getting your resources, and contributing to the group. 

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