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Curriculum and materials on Islamophobia 

  • Teaching Beyond September 11th.  Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania Click here

  • The Carter Center, Countering the Islamophobia industry: Toward More Effective Strategies.   Click here

  • Morning Center for Teaching Social Responsibility Click here

  • Karama Now offers many lesson plans including one for 10-12 graders titled Islamophobia in the shadow of 9/11  Click here

  • Challenging Islamophobia: A Project of Teaching For Change  Click here

  • UNESDOC Digital Library, Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination Against Muslims: Addressing Islamophobia through Education Click here

  • Learning for Justice: Useful lessons on 9/11 Click here

  • University of Michigan, Islamophobia Working Group   Click here

  • Learning For Justice, Expelling Islamophobia Report  Click here

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education, Usable knowledge- Tips on Anti- Muslim Bias  Click here

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