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Fairfax County High School students walk out of class in protest of alleged racist attack. Dec 15, 2021  Click here

RM Warner Law & Price Law Group to Deliver Oral Arguments in Lawsuit Against College Curriculum That Violates First Amendment, Forces Muslim Students to Denigrate Islam. Nov 12, 2021 Click here

I'm an athlete, and I happen to wear a hijab. Get over it. Nov 13, 2021  Click here

Islamophobia prevalent in California schools, according to new report.  Nov 26, 2021 Click here

Remarks directed at Arab American student send shockwaves through NJ high school. October 23, 2021   Click here

Anti-Islamophobia strategy launched at Ontario school board. October, 2021 Click here

Survey: Women bear the brunt of Islamophobia. September 29, 2021 Click here

How I Confronted an Islamophobic Teacher. August 21, 2021  Click here

Luther College professor wants full breadth of 9/11 history taught Sep. 12, 2021 Click here

How Islamophobia has evolved since the 9-11 terrorist attacks Dec 2, 2021 Click here

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