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Workshops & Trainings

Our workshops and trainings have the option of being offered online or in-person, and they are carefully designed to include the best pedagogical practices of providing group engagement and provoking critical thinking skills.  The information is organized to build on existing knowledge of Islamophobia and provide the support needed by the community to ask questions and provide resources needed. All information and recourses are sourced from well-researched and academic literature. 

Introduction to Islamophobia (2hr)

  • One (1) 2 hour session

  • For all school staff levels and college professors 

  • Provides basic definition of Islamophobia

  • Discusses the impact of Islamophobia in society, schools, and colleges 

  • Explains the common tropes that drive Islamophobia 

  • Provides resources to combat Islamophobia 

Introduction to Islamophobia (10hr)

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  • 10-hour session- 2.5 hours each day for 4 days 

  • For instructors of Social Studies, Ethnic Studies, and English Class, school administrators, and college professors 

  • Discusses Structural Islamophobia

  • Identifies the sources and history of Islamophobia 

  • Explains the most common views that drive Islamophobia 

  • Discussion on:

  • Diversity of Muslims  

  • History of Islam and Muslims in the U.S.

  • Women in Islam 

  • September 11, 2001 and related curricula 

  • Provides resources for the classroom

Bystander Intervention 

  • One (1) 1.5 hour training

  • For anyone interested in Bystander Intervention Techniques

  • Printed toolkit lesson offered

Women in Islam


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